Refund and Returns Policy


Refund Policy

The Return Policy is 90 days on most phones with Iphones and Google Phones having a 45 day warranty. Iphones and Google phones may take longer to process.


RMA Returns Requests

If you have an RMA request, please call Customer Service at 1 (866) 571 – 2666 and they will give you a ticket number and send a call tag on approved RMAs. Please have the complete IMEI of the phone and the specific issue of the phone being requested for the RMA. Your address, phone and email will be verified in order to send the call tag for approved RMA’s.

Even with an RMA number we need to verify the issue before the RMA is approved for refund.

UPS will attempt 3 times to pick up the phone, please for safety and security of the phone, have it packed in the box with accessories you received from Empower in an outer box.

We will not accept any phone that has:

  1. Google Lock – Has a prior Google account that is still on the phone keeping us from accessing and testing the phone.
  2. Password/Code Protection – If the phone is locked and we are unable to access the phone to do anything.
  3. Apple Locked – If Iphone is locked we are unable to accept returns
  4. Opened or tampered with

Please allow 2 weeks from UPS delivery for RMA to be approved or denied. If approved and found defective, you will be informed by email and refunded. If we are unable to replicate the issue or we receive a phone without an RMA Number the phone is returned to you and you will be charged for shipping.